Leslie Singleton has been serving a life sentence since he was 16.  He is very loved and valued in the College Park Area. Lets work together to get him home.  On the” freebamsingleton” facebook page we have a support group and we need your commitment to get this man back on the streets.  We only ask that you 1. Inform others of our fight and 2. Donate as much as $5 a month toward lawyer fees until he is free.  Add him on Facebook and post on the wall “committed to free Bam”,  thank you for joining our campaign.  This is only the beginning.

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About Us

Wild 4 Sho Ent. was designed to produce, promote and distribute music of entrepreneurs and the many forms of art from under privileged, low income and incarcerated yet talented and skilled individuals who’s gift or product is being hidden due to their circumstances.
     Initially, Wild 4 Sho Ent. was just a rap group started by Leslie “Bam” Singleton that had become so popular in the College Park & North Clayco area, that it became what some consider a gang of young rappers called “wild deck” that would battle with other young gangs and rappers in the area. Though notary was made, some encounters ended in violence.  In 2000  Leslie “Bam” Singleton (16) and his rap partner Mike “Blitz” Waters (18) were sentenced to life in prison for a number of violent street crimes in the College Park area.  To the streets, the “wild deck” was buried alive and their talent strength and charisma was just memory.  Bam however,  wouldn’t let the dream die.  He realized that in order to see his dream manifest, he had to work harder, think positive, and network with those of like minds and are where he wants to be.  “As a man thinks, so is he”.. was the driving theme that changed his chaos into heaven.
    Now in 2012,  Bam has changed the name of  Wild 4 Sho Ent. and has done numerous things to keep the concept evolving.  He has written two non fiction self help books, composed over a thousand raps, almost a hundred r & b songs and has written for numerous singers and rappers.  While incarcerated, he has directed plays and hosted countless concerts and is still working as the executive of the company feeding it with concepts, ideas, talent and networks.  In a nutshell, Wild 4 Sho is alive and well and is driven by helping those that are indigent and/or incarcerated who are willing to do better to be in a better position to express their gifts to the world freely and unrestricted.
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